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Broadcast channel management

Manage and Deliver Broadcast Channels to a Global Audience

Experts in all aspects of channel management, including playout in the highest quality as part of a seamless broadcast workflow.

Reducing the Complexity of Channel Management

Managing and playing out TV channels to global audiences is complicated. Meeting tight schedules and combining linear with live and other content requires expertise and know-how in the latest broadcast technologies to ensure broadcast-quality viewing experiences.

Reaching viewers on any screen, anywhere in the world, with the latest innovation is a challenge. As broadcasters move to the cloud, there is also an increasing need to introduce new cloud workflows into the existing on-premise set-up. How do you stay agile managing multiple TV channels for national, local and international audiences? All while targeting consumers down to a household and individual level?

Reaching 361M+ TV households
Connecting to 1B+ people
Distributing 8,250+ TV channels
Managing playout of 525+ TV channels
Delivering 8,400+ hours of online video streaming daily
Broadcasting 620+ hours of premium sports and live events daily

Full Channel Management and Playout Services

With over 30 years of experience, SES is at the forefront of providing premium video services to broadcasters. Able to fulfil all your broadcast requirements as part of an end-to-end channel management solution. Key services include:

  • Channel playout
  • Channel organisation
  • Linear content management, and more

Using innovative media technologies, our expert team will take care of all of your needs and is able to tailor and localise content for your target audience.

In response to the shift to the cloud, we’ve partnered with Microsoft Azure. Enabling you to quickly bring innovative hybrid and cloud solutions. Our cloud-based channel playout provides a virtualised infrastructure for broadcast with greater agility and scalability, plus the flexibility of technical and commercial models.
With a worldwide reach of over 361 million homes, we are unique in distributing over 8,250 TV channels and managing the playout of over 525 TV channels, delivering the highest number of UHD channels in developed markets today. Simplify the process further via the SES 360 Unified Media Platform, enabling you full transparency to manage or monitor multi-screen delivery of TV content and channels via a single, centralised user interface.

Why you should work with us


We are experts in preparing, aggregating, managing and delivering all types of TV channels and offer a wide variety of TV channel management services.

Global partner

As a trusted global partner, we are unique in distributing over 8,300 TV channels and managing broadcast playout of over 525 TV channels.

Hybrid solutions

We offer hybrid solutions (on-prem and cloud) and the infrastructure to manage and deliver all types of TV channels to your entire audience.

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