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Let Us Manage and Deliver Your Content and Brands Helping You Grow Your Audiences and Increase Revenues

Take your business to the next level with our innovative hybrid and cloud-based broadcast solutions. We offer end-to-end content aggregation, channel management, broadcast, OTT and content distribution services, all with the highest quality.

The Changing Broadcast Landscape

The broadcast industry is shifting at a rapid speed with dramatic changes in viewing behaviour; this has intensified further as market dynamics change. As broadcasters look for new, innovative ways to monetise their content, they also look to reduce costs and simplify organisational complexity.

Broadcasters need to adapt swiftly to the evolving business landscape while fulfilling audience demands for a greater choice of content and excellent picture quality, on multiple screens. With increased competition from streaming services and other media players, broadcasters need to be agile enough to keep up with the pace of change and launch innovative new services to their audiences, leveraging efficient new cloud technologies.

Delivering Innovative Hybrid Broadcast Services for the Best Viewer Experience

Let us help you roll out enriched multi-screen broadcast services to the widest audience. Our end-to-end hybrid broadcast services enable you to generate new revenue streams while ensuring the best viewer experience. SES’s complete service package includes end-to-end content aggregation, channel management (including all aspects of high-quality playout and channel origination), hybrid broadcast/OTT and content distribution services, using the latest, innovative media technologies.

Aided by our partnership with Microsoft Azure, we bring the benefits of the cloud to your broadcast workflow as part of a hybrid, agile end-to-end solution. As you migrate to the cloud, we take care of the entire on-premise and cloud workflow, helping you to transition to new cost-effective OPEX business models. Rather than managing multiple vendors and integration between systems, broadcasters can outsource their channel management and entire cloud workflows to us.

Enhance your content offering

Expand your reach and grow your business

Leverage our robust satellite network (with over 70 satellites), combined with fibre and IP distribution, to reach your audiences worldwide on any screen or device.


Manage and playout multiple channels

Provide the highest quality, seamless linear viewing experience with live and scheduled content.

Manage and playout multiple channels

Enhance your content offering

As experts in content aggregation and management, we enable you to deliver the highest quality viewer experience, while reducing operational complexity.

Why you should work with us


We have over 30 years of experience in delivering broadcast quality, and proven expertise in multi-screen video services to help you grow your audience and increase your revenues.

Global operator

As a global satellite operator with an optimised hybrid network, we enable you to reach the widest audience quickly and effectively.

Hybrid solutions

We have complete hybrid (on-prem and cloud) solutions and the infrastructure to manage and deliver all types of TV channels on any device anywhere in the world.

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