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Business Aviation

In-Flight Broadband Optimised for the Private Jet Traveller

Delivering the connectivity that the business aviation industry needs to support bandwidth-intensive applications for both passengers and crew.

Supporting Skyrocketing Demand for Bandwidth From Ultra-Connected Private Jet Passengers

A growing number of travellers opt for private aviation over commercial flights – travellers who are more likely to be technology-savvy and to be carrying multiple devices on board with them. Private aviation service providers need to ensure each aircraft has the level of Wi-Fi needed to support the stringent bandwidth requirements of their end users.

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Collins Aerospace

Watch how, together with Collins Aerospace, we’re enabling business aviation passengers to access fast, reliable connectivity anywhere in flight.

Of business travellers 75% report that Wi-Fi is vital to being productive while on the road
A growth of 55% is expected in the number of large business jets from 2019 to 2029
Business jet travellers spend 63% of their time engaged in work and in need of inflight connectivity

Introducing LuxStream: A Next-Generation Private Aviation Connectivity Service

Powered by SES, LuxStream is an exceptional connectivity experience designed to provide the elite traveller with outstanding private jet Wi-Fi. LuxStream capitalises on SES’s next-generation Ku-based satellite technology – both high-throughput satellites (HTS) and wide-beam - and its Skala Global Platform ground infrastructure. This enables you to offer your customers the connectivity services that are best suited to their needs.

Stay ahead of growing bandwidth demands

LuxStream offers the highest speeds in the industry – up to 25 Mbps over the continental US and 15 Mbps elsewhere.

Provide seamless connectivity

Maintain service continuity with uninterrupted, global communication via high-throughput satellites (HTS) overlaid with wide-beam coverage.

Tailor solutions to your customer needs

Create customised packages and service plans for your business aviation clientele.

What makes LuxStream unique

Highest download speed

The highest download speeds in the aviation market support bandwidth-intensive services, including cloud-based enterprise applications and streaming HD media.

Covers 99.63% of flight time

A global, dedicated business aviation network covers 99.63% of business jet flight time, enabling passengers to remain productive wherever they may travel.

High-throughput satellites

The most innovative high-throughput-satellites in the market ensures seamless private jet communication.

Luxstream solution brief image

Solution Brief

What could Luxstream mean for your business?
Read the "Connecting Elite Flyers" Solution Brief.

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