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The C-Band Transition Plan in the US

SES to Clear C-Band for 5G

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has carefully developed a plan to clear 280 MHz of C-band spectrum (plus a 20-MHz guard band) for 5G mobile services in the contiguous United States (CONUS) as early as December 2023, with a portion of that spectrum becoming available as early as December 2021.
The C-band is currently used by satellite operators serving U.S. broadcasters and programmers to provide TV and radio to nearly 120 million American homes, as well as other critical data transmission services.

The FCC’s balanced approach will ensure that C-band spectrum is available quickly without disrupting critical video and audio services. 

To deliver on the clearing milestones set out in the FCC’s Order, SES has procured four satellites and will be launching them to provide necessary capacity for our existing customers and begin filtering tens of thousands of earth station antennas throughout the United States to prevent interference from new 5G services.

SES is proud to help put America to work by procuring from businesses across the U.S. the services and equipment needed for the C-band transition.

C-Band Clearing Timeline