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Commercial Aero

Elevating In-Flight Connectivity

Accelerating the future of in-flight connectivity across the globe with our next-generation software-driven satellite systems, built on innovative platforms.

Sky-High Demand for High-Speed, Always-On Connectivity in the Air

Airline passengers are boarding their flights expecting access to the same online applications and services they enjoy on the ground. Airlines that don’t provide reliable in-flight connectivity risk falling behind their competitors.

Our commercial aero offering gives commercial airlines and private aviation firms the ability to stand out from the crowded market and attain new revenue streams.

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SES and Panasonic

Watch how, together with Panasonic Avionics Corporation, we bring global connectivity to 3.6 billion passengers each year.

By 2026 68% of aircrafts are expected to be connected
Of global travelers 78% state they want inflight internet
Of global travelers 30% are specifically looking for inflight internet
Of all airline passengers 34% bring three devices on board an aircraft
Aerao passengers connected

Deliver exceptional airplane Wi-Fi on global flights

Our global GEO HTS fleet delivers data up to 20x faster than conventional satellites, supporting passengers’ high-speed connectivity demands.

aero seamless coverage

Benefit from seamless, uninterrupted coverage

Provide the flexible, scalable bandwidth that airlines and private aviation operators need by capitalising on innovative technology, including next-generation GEO HTS and the upcoming O3b mPOWER satellite constellation.

aero service delivery model

Pick and choose your service delivery model

Take advantage of multiple delivery options, including platform services and end-to-end managed network services that best suit your customers’ needs.

What makes our offering unique


Customers are integrally involved

Our customers are integrally involved in the design of our satellites, which ensures that every aspect of their requirements is taken into account from day one.

Next-generation HTS and Skala Global Platform

The combination of our next-generation HTS and Skala Global Platform enables our aero customers to more efficiently provide in-flight connectivity services at a lower cost per bit.

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A fully managed service

Our customers need flexibility to meet the needs of the dynamic in-flight connectivity market. We provide them with the services they require to meet their challenges.

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White Paper

Find out more?
Read the "Broadband at 30.000 Feet" White Paper.

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