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Content Aggregation for Broadcasters

Enrich Your Content Offering With Our End-to-End Content Aggregation Services, via Satellite Fibre and IP

Experts in content aggregation and management, we enable you to deliver an enriched viewer experience, while reducing operational complexity.

As Audience Demand Grows for Broadcast Content, so Does the Need to Aggregate Top-Quality Content

Keeping up with viewer demand is increasingly important for broadcasters as audiences have more time to watch content on their chosen screen or device. Traditional linear TV, live news and sports content is still relevant and popular, but viewers are increasingly dedicating a higher percentage of their viewing time to on-demand OTT and pay-TV services.

Broadcasters need to constantly increase the quality and variety of their content while launching innovative new services with minimal costs and resources. With increased competition, this is essential to maintain their viewers’ satisfaction and increase viewership worldwide. Content aggregation plays a key role in this. Broadcasters need to add to video content to their portfolio by aggregating content from many sources, giving their customers more choice and viewing pleasure. By also making these available on all types of screens in high video-quality, the broadcaster guarantees customer satisfaction in a fluid and ever-changing market.

Reaching 361M+ TV households
Connecting to 1B+ people
Distributing 8,250+ TV channels
Managing playout of 525+ TV channels
Delivering 8,400+ hours of online video streaming daily
Broadcasting 620+ hours of premium sports and live events daily

End-to-End Satellite Content Aggregation for a Richer Viewer Experience

We help broadcasters of every size enhance their content offering by aggregating high-quality content from multiple sources, via satellite, fibre and IP. With proven technical expertise in UHD/4K HDR video we ensure your content is ready to be viewed on any platform, device or screen in the highest video quality. 
Let our expert team take care of everything in a one-stop-solution, as part of a streamlined on-premise and cloud workflow. Our end-to-end content aggregation services are combined with channel management, hybrid broadcast/OTT and content distribution in a full-service offering.

Why you should work with us


With over 30 years of experience, we have the technical expertise in 4K/UHD HDR video quality to get your content to your viewers in the highest broadcast quality.

Future-proof services

With our future-proof content aggregation and management services, we enable you to broaden your content offering with combined linear, live and OTT content simply and effectively.

Premium video services

SES has over 30 years’ experience providing premium video services to broadcasters. We aggregate more than 8,250 TV channels via satellite, fibre and IP, highlighting our expertise in this field.

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