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Content Aggregation for Sports Organisations

Enrich Your Sports Offering With Our End-to-End Content Aggregation Services, via Satellite, Fibre and IP

As experts in content aggregation and management, we  enable you to acquire any live sports and events content from any location across the globe.

The Need to Aggregate Top-Quality Sports Content Continues To Grow

The popularity of sports is increasing year by year. Sports fans around the world wait eagerly for the next live game and seek as much information as possible on their favourite players and teams. More content is being produced at all tiers, as rights holders look to leverage new technologies and distribution channels to reach new audiences. All whilst broadcasters and OTT providers compete for content to attract audiences, to generate more revenues.

Meeting viewer demand requires a constant flow of engaging sports content. Sports broadcasters and organisations need to find ways to constantly build on their sports offerings with multi-screen services while increasing the quality and variety of their content. Cost-effective, seamless content aggregation solutions are needed to satisfy the demand and increase sports viewership worldwide.

Reaching 361M+ TV households
Connecting to 1B+ people
Distributing 8,250+ TV channels
Managing playout of 525+ TV channels
Delivering 8,400+ hours of online video streaming daily
Broadcasting 620+ hours of premium sports and live events daily

End-to-End Content Aggregation for a Richer Sports Viewer Experience

SES has over 30 years of experience aggregating the most sought-after premium sports properties, including the NFL, Premier League, golf, motor racing and more. Working side-by-side as a global partner, we help you enrich the aggregation of your sports content offering. We have the capabilities to aggregate and deliver multiple feeds., including different camera angles and localised feeds that can be used for remote production if needed.

Working with sports broadcasters, rights holders, leagues and federations worldwide, we aggregate high-quality content from multiple sources, via satellite, fibre and IP. With proven expertise in the latest video formats, including Ultra HD/4K HDR video, we ensure your content will always have the highest video quality, ensuring that sports fans experience live or non-live premium content in the best possible way - on any platform, device or screen.

We offer a one-stop-solution, with our dedicated sports team taking care of everything, helping to increase content exposure and aiding the growth of your audiences. Working out of our new sports media centre within IMG’s London Stockley Park and in other regions globally, we provide end-to-end content aggregation services combined with production, live and non-live content distribution and other value-added services in a full sports service offering. 

Why you should work with us


Our expertise

With over 30 years of experience, we have the technical expertise in Ultra HD/4K HDR video quality to get engaging sports content to your viewers with the very best viewer experience.


With our future-proof content aggregation and management services, we enable you to broaden your content offering with combined linear, live and non-live content - simply and effectively.

Content delivery to any screen

Aggregating the most sought-after premium sports properties, we deliver over 620 hours daily of the world’s top sports events to fans everywhere on any screen, device, or platform.

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