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Content Distribution for Broadcasters

Expand Your Reach and Distribute Video Content via Satellite, Fibre and IP

Offering the highest quality, reliable content distribution via our robust, global distribution network.

Reaching New Global Audiences on Any Screen

With consumers continually looking for new, compelling content and over-the-top (OTT) streaming services becoming increasingly popular, broadcasters need to look to enhance their linear TV content experience. Viewers expect broadcast-quality viewing experience, on any device or screen size, which demands technical expertise and capabilities in the latest video formats such as 4K UHD.
Launching broadcasting and OTT services that can satisfy viewer demand requires a robust global infrastructure, which can deliver content to any screen, and any device, worldwide - even in remote locations.
Broadcasters need the flexibility to use various delivery means to reach audiences in different regions where infrastructure or lack thereof plays a role.

Deliver Global Viewing Experiences

Get your content to any viewer in the highest broadcast quality via our global, hybrid delivery network. Our reach is unique, allowing broadcasters to find their audiences wherever they are. SES’s hybrid distribution network reaches over 361 million TV households worldwide, giving our customers access to over one billion people.

With our robust global infrastructure and over 30 years’ experience, we are uniquely placed to serve your evolving needs. Delivering high-quality content, including Ultra HD services, to the widest audience on any screen or device. Broadcasters of every size rely on us to distribute bandwidth-heavy content everywhere, even in areas with low broadband penetration. Highly scalable, our content distribution network is able to grow with your business.

Why you should work with us

Global reach

As one of the world’s leading satellite operators, we offer an unprecedented reach for your broadcast and OTT content.

Hybrid network

Our hybrid distribution network provides access to over 70 satellites, numerous fibre hubs, IP delivery, and professional media centres that provide fully managed services and 24/7 customer support.


With over 30 years of experience in the video market and proven technical expertise, we ensure that your content is delivered in the highest quality (HD 4K/UHD) to any screen or device.

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