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Content distribution for Platform operators

Reach Your Audience Worldwide With Our Hybrid Content Distribution via Satellite, Fibre and IP

With our robust global, hybrid distribution network consisting of satellite, fibre and IP, we enable the highest quality, most reliable content distribution to any screen or device.

Deliver More Content To Multiple Screens via Our Hybrid Content Distribution Services

Video consumption habits are changing, creating the need for a multi-faceted content distribution strategy. Viewers require easy and immediate access to content everywhere in the highest quality. How do you keep up with consumer demand and deliver the widest choice of OTT content beyond your current Direct-to-Home (DTH) offering?

Reaching the largest audience is essential, which is done by delivering new OTT services to existing DTH subscribers and combined content offerings to attract new customers. Operators need one service provider, with a single point of contact, to simplify the process and accelerate the time to market – and can provide optimised content distribution across different networks.

Video Delivery to the Widest Audience on Any Platform, Screen or Device

Linear, on-demand, pay-per-view or live – whatever the content, in whatever format – we can help you deliver the best viewing experience to your subscribers over our robust global distribution network.

  • With over 70 satellites, our satellite fleet has access to over 150 orbital positions and a worldwide network of over 20 teleports (our own and those of our partners).
  • This is combined with numerous fibre hubs and IP delivery capability for optimised, hybrid content distribution.
  • By delivering multiple services, our hybrid DTH/OTT solution allows you to take the highest quality HD and Ultra-HD/4K HDR video to your audiences, wherever they are, with the very best viewer experience.
  • By taking care of all the technical details associated with content aggregation, management and distribution, we offer a one-stop-shop with a single point of contact and 24/7 monitoring – giving you full peace of mind

Our customers benefit from the ability to expand their audiences on any screen by utilising hybrid delivery networks over satellite, fibre and IP.

Why you should work with us

Unprecedented reach

As one of the world’s leading satellite operators with a strong DTH offering, we offer unprecedented reach to the widest audience on any screen or device.

Hybrid network

Our hybrid distribution network features access to over 70 satellites, numerous fibre hubs, IP delivery and professional media centres, that provide fully managed services and 24/7 customer support.


With thirty years of experience in the video market and proven technical expertise, we can ensure that your content is delivered in the highest quality (HD 4K/UHD) on any screen or device.

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