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Content distribution for Sports Organisations

Expand Your Reach for Live and Non-Live Sports Content via Hybrid Content Distribution

With our robust global, hybrid distribution network, we deliver the world’s most popular sports events to any screen or device via satellite, fibre and IP.

Reaching Sports Fans Worldwide

Sports is a universal language, bringing together communities around the world. Devoted fans eagerly wait for the next game and actively follow their favourite teams and players on social media. Viewing patterns are changing with live experiences no longer confined to a single screen. Sports fans increasingly watch and search for content online as well as on their television screens.
Video quality is all-important with sports fans expecting access to high-definition (HD) and live 4K Ultra HD sports events, both at home and on the move. To meet viewer expectations, sports broadcasters need a solution that can handle multiple video formats for distribution on various platforms – even when mobile and terrestrial networks are congested or unavailable at the venue. Delivering high-quality broadcast/OTT services to the widest possible audience requires a robust global infrastructure, which can deliver content on any screen, and any device - even in remote locations.

Deliver High-Quality Live Sports Broadcasts to Fans Everywhere

For over 30 years, we have been working with the world’s largest live sports, news, and events organisations, including IMG, the NFL, and the Premier League, distributing more than 620 hours of live events every single day with a uniquely flexible and optimised approach. Customers are able to leverage the global reach and power of the SES hybrid delivery network, consisting of satellite (all operators), fibre and IP that deliver premium sports content to 361 million TV households worldwide. This includes access to next-gen satellite provision with O3b. With proven expertise in the latest video formats, including UHD 4K HDR, we ensure the best viewer experience for your live and non-live sports content, every single time.

Our OU Flex solution combines IP-based bi-directional satellite contribution links to help you deliver a superior live experience – straight from your venue to multiple screens. Instead of a traditional one-way feed for video broadcast alone, OU Flex provides a two-way connection between the site and your studio, enabling quick exchange of information and video files between locations.

Sharing the spectacular

Beyond broadcast

SES’s full-service sports media centre in London’s Stockley Park simplifies the sports production workflow. Connected to SES’s hybrid network infrastructure, the facility enables sports broadcasters and content owners to deliver and receive multiple, simultaneous feeds. Furthermore, the facility is  equipped with high-performance, broadcast-grade equipment to ensure superior quality delivery of all live signals. Stockley Park is completely resilient, guaranteeing 100% continuity for live broadcasting, backed by a highly experienced team of on-site project managers and technical operational support staff.

SES 360 provides a single cloud-based platform for delivering a seamless, high-quality viewing experience on any screen or device. Providing full transparency, it can be used to book, manage, and deliver live content to global takers, and clip sports and events to create short-form highlights packages.


Why you should work with us


One stop shop

As one of the world’s leading satellite operators, we offer a one-stop-shop for premium sports management and delivery. Led by an experienced sports team and dedicated full-service facility at Stockley Park.

Hybrid network

Our hybrid content distribution network - with access to over 70 satellites, numerous fibre hubs, IP delivery and professional media centres - delivers close to 100% reliability, reaching your entire the widest audience with the best viewer experience.


With thirty years of experience in the video market and proven technical expertise, we ensure that your sports content is delivered in the highest quality (HD 4K/UHD) on any screen or device.

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