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Fibre-Equivalent Broadband for Cruise Ships at Sea

Our cruise offering helps cruise lines elevate their guest experience via the high-speed, low-latency broadband connectivity provided by our O3b MEO system.

Addressing On-Board Data Demand

Today’s cruise passengers want to be able to stream, share and stay connected, which means cruise operators need an on-board network able to support that. SES provides high-quality connectivity at sea, ensuring that operators can deliver the fibre-equivalent broadband cruise internet that is essential to an exceptional customer experience.

Cruise Industry News estimates that over 50% of cruise ship passengers use the Wi-Fi connectivity service while being onboard.
The average smartphone is expected to generate over 24GB of data traffic per month by 2025

Ensuring Seamless Connectivity Wherever, Whenever

Our O3b MEO constellation provides the low-latency, high-speed connectivity that cruise lines need to support their passengers’ broadband requirements and power their guest experience systems. Our GEO system ensures network resilience and service continuity, with automatic switching between the MEO and GEO orbits via advanced multi-band antennas and software-defined networking.

A broad portfolio of additional services allows cruise operators to further enhance the customer experience. These include:

  • Optimisation technology for an efficient use of network resources
  • An analytics solution to help cruise lines better understand customer and device behaviour
  • Voice services for both the passengers and crew     

The existing O3b MEO system will be augmented by O3b mPOWER, our next-generation satellite system that will provide unprecedented flexibility and scalability to the cruise market.


Innovate your network

SES's next-generation MEO system O3b mPOWER will allow cruise passengers to stream, browse and connect without limits while powering on-board guest experiences and cloud-based enterprise systems.

Scalable Solutions

Access high value services

Further improve the guest experience with application services, benefiting from analytics, a captive portal solution, network security and optimisation technologies.


De-risk your investment

Simplify cruise communications with our end-to-end managed service, allowing operators to deliver high-quality broadband to their customers without high up-front costs.

What makes our offering unique

Multi-orbit fleet

We’re the only satellite-enabled network service provider with a commercially proven multi-orbit fleet that provides the level of service that passengers of today demand.

O3b MEO constellation

Our MEO assets deliver high-speed, low-latency connectivity with guaranteed quality of service, while our GEO HTS assets ensure coverage and network resilience everywhere.


We invest in the future to ensure cruise operators have the level of connectivity needed to support tomorrow’s bandwidth demands. O3b mPOWER provides unprecedented flexibility, scalability and cloud-scale reach to the cruise industry.


White Paper

Download the "Broadband at sea" white paper and find out more about:

  • the smart ship; internet-enabled cruise vessel
  • smart ship network strategies
  • how to future-proof the smart ship with SES's cruise solution
Download the White Paper

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