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Government Mobility

Connectivity That Follows the Mission

Take your mission anywhere with secure and resilient mobile connectivity that reaches across land, air, and sea.

Mobile Connectivity for Multi-Domain Operations

Whether its land, air, or sea, every soldier or asset in the field has information to relay that contributes to mission success. With the right connectivity solution, each connected device serves as a node in a network that provides real-time mission data to increase situational awareness. The vast SES network can ensure that information to and from the field is moved securely and rapidly, bringing you closer to the common operating picture.

Command, Control, and Connectivity in the Field

Our global fleet provides scalable and flexible solutions to meet mission requirements anywhere in the world - for small covert teams up to vast multi-domain operations. With the world’s only multi-orbit fleet, we can offer reliable connectivity in both military and commercial frequencies that will fit seamlessly with your operation.

Bring real-time communications to missions and effectively coordinate military, police, border patrol, and emergency response forces. High-throughput, low latency connectivity brings your mission everything fibre can’t. Stay connected to the cloud to process and analyse data efficiently for faster decision-making in the field.

Connectivity on Land

Mobilise vehicles and troops on land

Maintain tactical coordination of complex ground or border control operations with secure real-time communications built with low-probability detection and low-probability-of-interception.

Connectivity in the air

Coordinate and command from above

Our global GEO HTS fleet delivers data up to 20 times faster than conventional satellites, ensuring commands and intelligence can securely flow between a manned or unmanned aircraft and HQ.

Connectivity at sea

Deliver connectivity to navy and civilian ships

Scalable connectivity provides the ability to increase bandwidth based on the needs of the ship with ship-to-ship and ship-to-shore networks that can support cloud applications and morale & welfare.

Why you should work with us

Secure and flexible

SES can assure that your mission remains uncompromised through a secure fully-managed service or offer the utmost discretion by directing traffic to a sovereign gateway.


With our next-generation O3b mPOWER communications system, we ensure your ability to meet evolving government connectivity requirements.



With more than 30 years of experience serving government customers, SES now has 58 government agencies in 29 countries that rely on our scalable and flexible network solutions.

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