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Hybrid TV platform for Platform operators

Combine High-Quality Linear TV and On-Demand Content With Our Powerful Hybrid DTH/OTT Platform

Enhance your DTH offering with compelling OTT video services with our end-to-end hybrid TV platform solution.

More Content on Multiple screens, Enabled by a Hybrid DTH and Online User Experience

With the increased popularity of Netflix, Amazon Prime and other over-the-top (OTT) streaming services, direct-to-home (DTH) operators need to be agile enough to respond to market changes. That means adding to their existing DTH linear package, with the full range of OTT video services.

DTH operators need to quickly and cost-effectively incorporate third-party content so they can launch new services, increase customer satisfaction and reduce churn. Rather than working across multiple providers, they need a one-stop-shop that can take care of the entire video chain and that can reduce the complexity of combining both platforms.

Powerful Hybrid DTH/OTT Platform for a Richer Content Offering on Any Screen

Our hybrid DTH and OTT platform offers the best of both worlds, by enabling your customers to get a wide range of content on any screen, including third-party content from Netflix, Amazon Prime and other leading streaming services. By expanding your offerings, we help you add new OTT features and functionalities such as audience measurement, analytics, and revenue-generating tools, such as ad insertion. Plus, features like pop-up channels, all while still taking advantage from DTH reliability and signal quality.

With our SES 360 cloud-based platform, you can leverage operational synergies, reduce workflow time and gain full transparency via a single interface. We manage all technical and operational aspects of your hybrid TV platform and deliver a seamless viewing experience on any screen or device.  By offering this one-stop-shop solution with a single point of contact, SES can increase  efficiency and completely take care of your entire video chain.

What you should work with us

Global operator

As a global satellite operator with a strong DTH offering, and international customer base, we can rapidly help you launch and deliver new hybrid DTH and OTT services to your target audiences.


We have thirty years of experience in the video market, are well-equipped and have highly motivated teams with decades of experience in the Pay TV/online video sector.

Seamless combination

Our hybrid TV platform seamlessly combines DTH and OTT, offering you the best of both worlds. Giving you a better understanding of your viewers and increased monetisation opportunities, all with the highest level of reliability and signal quality.

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