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Managed enterprise broadband

Connecting Businesses Globally

Our managed enterprise solutions enable reliable satellite broadband to any location via turnkey-managed data services.

Fast Growing Demand for Reliable Data Services

Enterprises need reliable, high-performance connectivity for cloud services, private networks, and the internet. However, robust broadband connectivity is often hard to come by in remote, rural and developing areas. This is especially the case for banks, hotels, schools, retailers, and utilities in those areas.

By delivering broadband to rural areas and other difficult-to-reach locations, previously excluded enterprises can now communicate on a global level, creating new opportunities to grow your revenues.

Connecting underserved regions

Managed enterprise services

Providing Unmatched Enterprise Reach

Our solutions enable reliable satellite internet connectivity to any location via turnkey, managed enterprise broadband services. You will receive dynamically allocated wide-beam or high-throughput capacity for your enterprise satellite internet. This allows you to expand your network reach and manage multiple clients with minimal capital investment.

We empower you with full visibility and control over your bandwidth. It’s time to leverage satellite backhaul to profitably serve your business markets—with your brand, on your terms.


Accelerate time to revenue and lower overall risk

Our turnkey Virtual Network Operator (VNO) solution eliminates the capital expenditure associated with the satellite gateway hardware, while keeping you in control of your satellite broadband.


Extend your network with ease

We partner with local providers to bundle a Wi-Fi solution that integrates satellite backhaul, Wi-Fi access point, tower, and power. Choose from a range of coverage capabilities, from a single site, to thousands of very-small-aperture terminals (VSATs)


Access cloud and edge services

Benefit from our partnerships with leading cloud service providers that allow us to optimise the performance and security of cloud services and applications, wherever your customers are located.

What makes our offering unique


Lifecycle services

We offer a full-range of lifecycle services which include an extensive suite of network implementation, operations, and maintenance services. That way, you can focus on your core business, rather than managing and operating the enterprise satellite internet.


Flexible packages

Take advantage of our flexible service packages, including dedicated bandwidth pools, pay-as-you-grow bandwidth, and consumption-based capacity pricing. This allows you to scale easily and choose the pricing model that best serves your business.

Enterprise solutions

Our enterprise solutions include services based on geostationary earth orbit high-throughput satellites (GEO HTS) transmitting in Ku-band, GEO widebeam, and O3b medium earth orbit (MEO) high-throughput user beams, so you can support an unmatched variety of industry verticals and business connectivity use cases globally.

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