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Managed Mobile Backhaul

Mobile Backhaul Over Satellite for Rural and Remote Connectivity

Our Managed Mobile Backhaul solution connects your core network to hard-to-reach locations with a managed service backed by a rigorous Service Level Agreement (SLA). ​

Opportunities at the Edge of Connectivity

Extending your network to reach new subscribers, fulfil universal service obligations (USOs), and connect to remote industries represents revenue potential. However, when opportunities exist beyond the reach of developed infrastructure, there are risks involved.

Most mobile base stations are connected to traditional backhaul transmission media, like fibre or microwave. However, in mountainous regions, low-density villages, or for roadside coverage, the economics of investing in a fibre or microwave infrastructure is often infeasible. The builds are too costly, complex, time-consuming, and, above all, very difficult to maintain and operate. For this, a solution is required for which costs are not tied to distance, with capacity that can be shared dynamically as demand requires.

Cellular Backhaul to De-Risk Network Transformations

Offload the financial and operational risk of deploying. Manage a backhaul network and its required infrastructure with our end-to-end managed services. We can address any backhaul use case via the industry’s only multi-orbit satellite fleet, have local expertise in lifecycle services to tackle complex technical challenges, and have an expansive, next-generation network with ground systems and remote site solutions. Our fully managed service can make the satellite backhaul link a seamless extension of your network. It easily integrates into the network via a standards-based interconnection, all of which is managed by our satellite backhaul communications and data networking technology experts.

Underpinned by a range of commercial pricing models that further mitigate business risk, our backhaul solutions make the economics of network expansion even more attractive. Especially in under-served areas, where low population density and low ARPU often pose a challenge to short-term profitability.

Technical Parameters MBH over GEO satellites MBH over MEO satellites
Service Type Layer 2 Layer 2
RAN Technology Support 2G / 3G / 4G 2G / 3G / 4G
Throughput per site DL/UL Up to 250 / 195 Mbps Up to 700 / 200 Mbps
Latency 500-600 ms RTT* 150-200 ms RTT*
Jitter <5ms* <10ms*
SLA ≤99.9% ≤99.5%
QoS Support Yes, DSCP, up to 6 queues Yes, DSCP, up to 8 queues
Synchronization GPS, IEEE 1588v2* GPS, IEEE 1588v2*
Traffic optimization Header/Payload Compression, TCP/GTP Acceleration N/A

*Depends on architecture design

Drive customer success

Let dedicated experts manage your satellite-based sites and keep your organisation focused on its core competencies, so you can attract new customers and provide an unparalleled customer experience.

Bridge the digital divide

Our solution connects your core network to those hard-to-reach opportunities with a managed service backed with a rigorous SLA, so you can fulfil USOs and reach remote businesses and communities. ​

Grow your business

When the costs of complex fibre and microwave network extensions are prohibitive, satellite connectivity is already available where you want to be. Extend and upgrade your network to address every opportunity.

What makes our offering unique

Multi-orbit fleet

Based on GEO or MEO connectivity, we have optimised our network to provide high throughput (up to multiple Gbps) and low latency and jitter. As the only multi-orbit satellite operator, we have the unique position to address every opportunity, from 2G to 5G.

MNO core network

With the mentioned solutions, SES manages connectivity from the satellite to our gateway and provides a standards-based handoff to the MNO core network.

Innovative satellites

If the MNO owns and operates its own gateway and remote terminal infrastructure, we can lease capacity on one of our GEO satellites to enable a backhaul connection.

MBH Solution Brief

Download the Solution Brief

  • Discover a new approach to mobile backhaul, tailored to meet business requirements specific to MNO’s and backed by strong and comprehensive service level agreements (SLAs)
  • Read a use case focused on how we delivered managed mobile backhaul to Chad
Download the Solution Brief

Download the 5G Networks O3b MEO Case Study

Together with one of the world's leading 5G mobile network operators (MNO), we conducted a week-long mobile backhaul test that proves our O3b medium Earth orbit (MEO) constellation’s ability to deliver seamless 5G experiences via satellite.

Download the Case Study

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