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Benefit From the Best of Both Worlds With Our Hybrid DTH/OTT Platform

Provide a richer viewing experience on multiple screens to your audiences worldwide.

A Multi-Screen Offering, Exceeding Expectations

The last few years have seen a huge shift in TV consumption, with the growing popularity of streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple TV and Hulu. Consumers have grown to expect a multi-screen video experience where they can enjoy video content wherever they are. In order to stay up to date and relevant, operators need to provide viewers with a wide choice of content on any screen - creating loyalty and preventing cord-cutting.

Both DTH and OTT platforms have benefits and disadvantages, which we have listed down below.

DTH Platforms

+ Highly reliable and distributed mostly via satellite and fibre networks

+ Highly scalable and cost-efficient, offering a wide geographical reach

- It is not possible to provide personalised content, multi-screen viewing options

OTT Platforms

+ OTT platforms offer mainly the same options as above provide a multi-screen, on-demand viewing experience with streaming channels delivering personalised content.

+ They provide analytics and consumption data, based on viewer preferences which can be easily complimented with targeted advertising.

- Scaling OTT platforms is expensive and peak time usage and location can affect video quality.

Combining the Best of Both DTH and OTT Worlds

With our help, you can enhance your DTH offering with compelling online video platform (OVP) services, creating a powerful hybrid DTH/OTT platform. New OTT services can be launched simply and quickly, greatly extending the range of content available for your customers. With our global infrastructure and video expertise, we offer end-to-end workflows for content aggregation, hybrid platform solutions and optimised content distribution over our global satellite network together with fibre and IP delivery. The hybrid platform facilitates analytics, ad insertion, new pop-up channels and more.

We can manage all the technical and operational aspects, enabling you to deliver a seamless high-quality viewing experience on any screen or device via a single, centralised user interface. With reduced operational complexity and a single point of contact, you are free to concentrate on the creative tasks you do best.

Platform operators

Aggregate more content for a richer viewer experience

As experts in content aggregation and management, we will enable you to deliver the highest quality and personalised viewer experience, while reducing operational complexity.

Hybrid DTH and OTT platform

Deliver more content on multiple screens

We will help you to enhance your DTH offering with compelling OTT video services in a powerful hybrid TV platform – with a faster time-to-market.

Manage and playout multiple channels

Expand your reach and grow your business

Leverage our robust satellite network, combined with fibre and IP distribution, for optimised global delivery of your content to any screen, anywhere in the world.

Why you should work with us


We have thirty years of experience in the video market and the technical expertise to offer you the best of both worlds in one end-to-end solution.

Global operator

As a global satellite operator with a strong DTH offering and top tier customers worldwide, we have the infrastructure and capabilities to roll out new OTT services quickly and effectively.

Seamless experience

We will help you deliver more content on multiple screens as part of a seamless TV and online user experience.

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