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Production for Sports Organisations

End-to-End Sports Production and Uplink Solutions

Dedicated sports services for high-quality sports productions, including remote production capability.

Producing Sports Events in a Changing World

Broadcasters and production companies often send entire crews to broadcast live events, using robust satellite and fibre transmission methods. However, as market conditions change, in addition to being able to provide complete on-site production services, state-of-the-art production facilities, HD production vans, SNG (satellite newsgathering), it is becoming increasingly important to find ways to also be able to produce sports event remotely, to minimise the number of people needed on site. Ensuring high-quality broadcast is essential to deliver a high-quality viewer experience.

With more content produced at all levels, and rights holders covering every game, there is an increasing need for cost-effectiveness around the support of services involved with remote productions. New features such as dedicated cameras tracking individual players are also becoming more important at the very high end. Along with an increasing requirement for data and back channel feedback, to increase viewer engagements, there is  more interest in high bandwidth connectivity.

Reaching 361M+ TV households
Connecting to 1B+ people
Distributing 8,250+ TV channels
Managing playout of 525+ TV channels
Delivering 8,400+ hours of online video streaming daily
Broadcasting 620+ hours of premium sports and live events daily

End-to-End Production of Live Sports, News and Events Worldwide

SES provides complete on-site and remote production services and uplinks for every size of customer. from massive national leagues to individual, one-off events.

SES is a trusted global partner, with a dedicated sports team, we can take care of every aspect of your sports production. Our project managers bring a deep level of understanding and expertise in both broadcasting and customer service. They take full responsibility for booking and coordinating all events from A to Z. Our commercial arm works closely with our operations and solution engineering teams to offer a complete round-the-clock service. We adapt to fit your needs with maximum flexibility.

Experts in hybrid content distribution using satellite and fibre, we provide bullet-proof reliability for high-profile sports events with HD production vans, SNG (satellite newsgathering), cameras, audio kits and more. This is complemented with our reliable delivery solutions for remote productions, enabling you to produce cost-effective events with fewer people on-site as needed. We take care of delivering the live feeds back to the broadcaster in the host country, with peace of mind.

Our state-of-the-art facilities within IMG’s London Stockley Park simplifies sports productions with easy access to SES’s global network, allowing content delivery to global destinations, and new video production services.

Why you should work with us

Dedicated team

Our dedicated sports team and Stockley Park facility offers you all the production services you need in a one-stop-shop, taking care of all the details with full peace of mind.

Leading names

Working with the leading names in sports production, we provide the same levels of service whether you are a massive national league or an individual, one-off event.

Hybrid distribution

Our hybrid global content distribution with IP, alongside our satellite and fibre networks, enables cost-effective, reliable remote productions with minimal crews needed on site.

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