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SES 360 for Broadcasters

Orchestrate Your Entire Broadcast Workflow from Anywhere via Our Centralised Web-Based Platform - All Fully Transparent

Gain more control and improved visibility of your channels and content, with full service transparency. SES 360 enables you to manage the end-to-end process from a single web interface, including content aggregation, channel management, broadcast, OTT and content distribution.

Managing the Complex Broadcast Workflow

The broadcast industry is developing rapidly with a constant flow of new hybrid and cloud-based services. Having access to your content and channels, and keeping track as part of a seamless workflow, is more important than ever as you roll out new programming to your viewers. 

Staying on top of your services via a single platform simplifies the process and ensures that customers continue to enjoy a seamless and flawless viewer experience on their chosen screen or device.

Manage Your Entire Broadcast Workflow Simply via Our SES 360 Unified Media Platform

The SES 360 Unified Media Platform solves end-to-end workflow orchestration, with easy access and full service transparency. The platform enables you to manage, track, and deliver all your linear and non-linear content via a single centralised user interface from anywhere in the world.

Giving you greater visibility, SES 360 lets you check your service status and receive reports at any time. New services can be added quickly and efficiently via the intuitive dashboard, such as channel usage, distribution, VOD delivery, CDN and more, amplifying the value of your content.

Why you should work with us


We have over 30 years of experience in delivering broadcast quality, and proven expertise in multi-screen video services to help you grow your audience and increase revenues.

Global operator

As a global satellite operator with an optimised hybrid network, we enable you to reach the widest audience quickly and effectively – all via the single SES 360 platform.

Hybrid solutions

We offer full hybrid (on-prem and cloud) solutions and the infrastructure to manage and deliver all types of TV channels on any device, in any country. SES 360 enables you to orchestrate your end-to-end broadcast workflow simply via a single unified media platform.

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