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SES 360 for platform operators

Manage All Aspects of Your Hybrid DTH/OTT Platform with Full Service Transparency

Ensure the delivery of a seamless high-quality viewing experience to your customers via a single, centralised web-based platform. SES 360 enables you to manage and monitor all technical and operational aspects of your hybrid DTH/OTT platform with increased visibility and easy access to your content and channels.

Reducing Operational Complexity

Adding new OTT services to existing DTH bundles is essential as consumers are growing to expect a wider choice of content and multi-screen viewing experience. This creates a complicated video delivery path with many steps between the content aggregation and the delivery of content on multiple screens and devices. Implementing a hybrid DTH/OTT platform offers the best of both worlds, with new revenue-generating opportunities.

Being able to manage and monitor the process with full visibility can reduce the complexity and ensure a seamless and flawless viewer experience for the end-user. It also allows the faster introduction of new monetisation tools and personalised content, based on viewer preferences and audience analytics.

Orchestrate Your Hybrid DTH and OTT World via Our SES 360 Unified Media Platform

The SES 360 Unified Media Platform simplifies  processes and gives you full transparency into your DTH and OTT workflow. The cloud-based platform aids end-to-end hybrid workflow orchestration, from content aggregation to optimised content distribution via satellite, fibre and IP. With all technical and operational aspects of the hybrid platform managed and monitored via a single centralised user interface, ensuring the delivery of a seamless high-quality viewing experience on any screen or device.

New OTT services can be added simply and quickly, together with new monetisation tools, such as ad insertion, pop-up channels and more; all of these based on viewer preferences and analytics. Real-time service status reports are also freely available via the platform, keeping operators updated on pending tasks.

Why you should work with us


With thirty years of experience in the video market and plenty of technical expertise, we can offer you the best of both worlds in one end-to-end solution, using the SES 360 Unified Media Platform.

Strong offering

With a strong DTH offering and top tier customers worldwide, we have the infrastructure and capabilities to roll out new OTT services quickly and effectively.

Hybrid solutions

We enable you to deliver more content on multiple screens as part of a seamless TV and online user experience. The entire hybrid workflow and services can be managed and monitored via our centralised user interface, the SES 360.

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