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SES 360 sports

SES 360 for Sports Organisations

Deliver the Highest Quality Viewer Experience on Any Screen or Device from Anywhere in the World

SES 360 gives you the tools to aggregate, manage, elevate and deliver your sports content to the widest audience via a single cloud-based platform. Simplifying the process, the platform  is used to book, manage and deliver live content to global takers.

Managing the Sports Workflow

The world of sports has never been more popular with an unending demand for live coverage and other content around favourite teams and players. Delivering bullet-proof reliability remains the top priority to ensure a high-quality live viewing experience on any screen.

Managing the linear and OTT content workflow is becoming more complex with new monetisation opportunities being added to the loop, such as highlight clips and targeted advertising. Having a single platform covering the media services and bookings simplifies the process while it ensures a seamless and flawless viewer experience for the widest audience.

Orchestrate Your End-to-End Sports Workflow via our SES 360 Unified Media Platform

Reach the widest  audience and grow your viewership via a single cloud-based platform. SES 360 enables you to aggregate your content (both live and non-live) and deliver a seamless, high-quality viewing experience on any screen or device. The platform is fully integrated with the services provided by our dedicated sports team, located within IMG’s London Stockley Park facility.

With easy access and full-service transparency, SES 360 ensures that you can manage and monitor your content and channels at any time with continuous updates of pending tasks. You can also use the platform to book, manage and deliver live content to global takers, clip sports, and events to create short-form highlight packages.

Why you should work with us



We have over 30 years of experience in aggregating content and delivering high-quality sports events to global audiences, working with leading organisations, such as the NFL, IMG and English Premier League. Controlling end-to-end content workflow is easy with SES 360.

Global operator

As a global satellite operator with an optimised hybrid network including fibre and IP, we enable you to reach the widest audience quickly and effectively on any screen, device or platform.

Dedicated team

We have a team dedicated to sports with a deep level of understanding and experience, meeting your needs 24/7. SES 360 provides you with full-service transparency and access to your content and channels.

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