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Reach Sports Fans Worldwide Live With an Engaging Viewer Experience

Grow your viewership with the highest quality, multi-screen live and non-live sports content. We manage and deliver the world’s biggest sporting events as part of our complete service package.

The Changing World of Sports Consumption

Sport brings people together around the world, with devoted fans actively following their favourite teams and players. With the emergence of over-the-top (OTT) platforms , there is an even greater demand for 24/7 live coverage, highlights and clippings on any screen or device. With superb video quality and low latency being essential for a positive viewing experience across-the-board.

Where once rights holders would select which games were to be covered for live broadcasts, more games and events are being covered. The demand for live sports, news and other content on any screen has become stronger with live sports popular at every level. More content is being produced, as rights holders look to leverage new technology and distribution channels to reach new audiences and broadcasters and OTT providers compete for content to attract audiences. A range of new monetisation opportunities are opening up, such as targeted advertising and highlights clips, which were previously unavailable on traditional linear TV channels.

Sports organisations, at all tiers, are looking to reduce the complexity as they seek to increase their global audiences and revenues, either via broadcast channels or as a direct-to-consumer offering.

Reach Your Audience on Any Screen With End-to-End Sports Media Solutions

SES works with the world’s largest live sports, news, and events organisations, including IMG, the NFL, and the Premier League, distributing more than 620 hours of live events every single day. As the reliable service provider of the world’s biggest events for decades, we help our customers reach the widest audience on any screen and grow their viewership through innovation with a flexible, dynamic approach.

Headed by a dedicated sports team, we offer a one-stop-shop to meet your needs, with services that include:

  • Content aggregation
  • Production (remote and on-site)
  • Live and non-live content distribution
  • A range of value-added services 

Our new sports media centre within IMG’s London Stockley Park facility connects to the SES network and allows content aggregation, management and delivery of sports and live events across the globe.  Operating as a technical and operational MCR, with close proximity to studio services, Stockley Park provides a full range of media services, including decoding, processing, frame rate conversion, file transfer, recording and editing. Whether you are a massive national league or an individual, one-off event, you can always depend on us.

Leveraging the power and global reach of the SES hybrid delivery network consisting of satellite (multiple operators), fibre and IP, we deliver almost 100% reliability for superior UHD 4K and HD video signals to 361 million TV households worldwide. We are also able to offer next-gen satellite provision with O3b MEO. SES 360 provides a single cloud-based platform for delivering a seamless, high-quality viewing experience on any screen or device.


Enhance your sports offering

Aggregate more content for a richer viewer experience

Experts in content aggregation and management enable you to deliver the highest quality viewer experience on any screen, device or platform.


Produce top-notch sports events

Our dedicated team is there for you 24/7

Cut through the complexity. We help you produce flawless live events using the latest production techniques, aggregating and delivering multiple feeds.


Expand your reach to sports fans globally

Reach a worldwide audience through our hybrid content network

Leverage our robust satellite network (with over 70 satellites), combined with fibre and IP distribution, for optimised global content delivery of your sports content.


Elevate your content with our flexible value-added services

Branded sports channels, highlights creation, content packaging and more

With innovative value-added services, we help you increase fan engagement and monetise your sports content around the world.

Why you should work with us



We have over 30 years of experience in aggregating content and delivering high-quality sports events to audiences worldwide, working with leading organisations, such as the NFL, IMG and the English Premier League.

Global operator

As a global satellite operator with an optimised hybrid network including fibre and IP, we enable you to reach the widest audience quickly and effectively on any screen, device or platform.

Dedicated team

We have a dedicated sports team with a deep level of understanding and experience. Plus a new sports facility at Stockley Park that is connected to our network, meeting your needs 24/7.

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