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Trunking, IP Transit and Carrier Ethernet Services

High-Throughput, Low Latency Satellite Links Anywhere

SES’s Satellite Trunking Services, based on our unique multi-orbit satellite constellation, deliver fibre-like experiences around the world for fibre backup, intercontinental links for entire nations, or to enhance backbone connectivity for core networks.

Meet the Growing Demand for Global Data Connectivity

By 2023, Cisco predicts that 66% of the world’s population will actively make use of an internet connection, with almost 30 billion devices online. Every nation is experiencing consistent growth in the demand for data, from developed countries with built-up infrastructure, to landlocked developing nations and distant islands. While the demand for data grows, delivering the supply can be challenging.

Fibre optic networks have the capacity and latency to meet most of the world’s demand but can’t affordably reach every location that needs connectivity. Additionally, even where fibre is present, lines can be cut by all kinds of accidents and disasters. Satellite trunking networks not only extend connectivity where other options may not exist, but innovations in the speed and efficiency of satellite communications systems make them a viable backup option when terrestrial networks experience issues.

Connect Every Opportunity

With the industry’s only commercially-available multi-orbit satellite fleet, SES can uniquely scale to any Trunking, IP Transit, or Carrier Ethernet need from a few Mbps to multiple Gbps. Our GEO fleet comprises HTS spot beam and traditional wide-beam satellites, offering ultra-reliable coverage over 99% of the Earth’s population. Our O3b MEO and upcoming O3b mPOWER constellations offer fibre-like services with ultra-low latencies and are MEF Carrier Ethernet 2.0 Certified to ensure interconnectivity with any Telco network. With our Satellite Trunking Services, even island connectivity becomes a reality in the most remote locations.

Where fibre optics already exist and reliability and uptime are of utmost importance, SES deploys our services with Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) intelligence to choose the best path for each application. For example, where satellite and fibre optics co-exist, this network intelligence system can automatically route email and website traffic over the satellite link, while video calls and VoIP use fibre. If one of the systems encounters an issue, the hybrid network seamlessly routes all traffic over the active connection.


Reach new heights of connectivity

With satellites already covering most of the Earth from two orbits, SES is already able to land service anywhere, without costly and time-consuming terrestrial buildouts.


Combine the strengths of terrestrial and satellite

Even where terrestrial networks already supply data connectivity, satellites can supply a redundant link to the Internet or as a private connection between network cores. With our flexible business models, you only pay for what you need.


Provide backbone connectivity to any network

SES became the first satellite operator to achieve MEF CE 2.0 certification and the first to adopt Open Network Automation Platform (ONAP) standards so that we can guarantee our satellites interoperate with any ground network, seamlessly and easily.

This sets our Trunking solutions apart

GEO fleet

Our GEO fleet combines wide-beam and HTS assets that already cover 99% of the world’s population. Take advantage of our 35-year experience in GEO communications with our managed services, monitored 24/7 by our network operations centres for 99.5% availability.


MEO fleet

Satellites of the O3b MEO fleet, closer to earth, have better signal strength and shorter round-trip latency times. This offers a fibre-like experience, perfect for robust primary or secondary connectivity.



SES provides SD-WAN intelligence and ONAP orchestration to logically bond multiple links, choose the best path for each application, and deploy virtualised network functions across the network. Our partnership with the leading cloud providers offer one-hop, secure connectivity to the Cloud.

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