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Sports Organisations

Value added services for sports organisations

Grow Your Business With Branded Sports Channels and Online Video Platforms (OVP)

With a wide range of value-added services, we enable you to enhance the value of your sports channels and premium live and non-live content.

Building Engaging Sports Channels and Online Video Content for Global Audiences

Sports offer a multitude of opportunities for fan engagement and monetisation. However, it requires creativity and technical expertise to understand the latest VOD, OVP, and social media technologies, which in turn is needed to provide engaging live and non-live content options.

For sports broadcasters, continuous innovation is a necessity. as they look to attract new viewers and generate more revenues. Video quality needs to be flawless with zero buffering on any screen, device, or platform for an optimal viewer experience. This applies to top-tier and lower-tier sports as an increasing number of lower-tier sports organisations look to boost their airtime, either via broadcast channels at a lower cost-base or as a direct-to-consumer offering.

Deliver an Enriched Viewer Experience to Sports Fans Around the World

With over 30 years of video expertise, SES offers a complete range of media services as part of an end-to-end solution for sports organisations. This includes channel management, including playout, content packaging for branded VOD and online video platforms and content processing. Metadata enhancements allow for easier content discovery. We help you improve fan engagement via the creation of highlights. Also, we monetise your content with viewer measurement, analytics, ad insertion and localisation.
Our dedicated sports team can take care of everything by providing a one-stop-shop with the latest technologies and workflows, allowing you to solely focus on the content. With our track record distributing over 8,250 channels and playing out over 525 TV channels, we make sure that your sports channels and content reaches the widest audience around the world with the best viewer experience.


Why you should work with SES

Experienced team

With over 30 years of expertise in video technologies, we have an experienced sports team and dedicated full-service facility at Stockley Park, taking care of all your sports channel and content needs.

Value-added services

We offer a full range of value-added media services, including content processing, channel management, playout, branded VOD and OTT platforms, and content monetisation - all to help you grow your business.


With proven technical expertise, we ensure that your sports content is delivered in the highest quality (Ultra HD/4K HDR) on any screen or device.

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