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Video services for Telco & MNO

Launch New Video Services Swiftly and Enrich the Viewer Experience

Grow your revenues with new triple and quad-play services: we provide a full range of multi-screen video services under one roof.

Enhance Your Video Offering on Multiple Platforms; In and Out of the Home

Smartphones, tablets and OTT streaming have changed the world we live in. From communication, sports and entertainment to business and education; we all want to access diversified content on our mobile devices. To keep a competitive edge, mobile network operators (MNOs) and telcos need a partner that can support them in reaching both new and existing subscribers with rich video content, complementing phone, internet, data, and other services alike.

Rolling out high-quality video services requires technical expertise and know-how to ensure initial stability when launching a new platform. This includes keeping up with the latest innovations and in-depth knowledge on how to best monetise video. There are other considerations too. With the move to the cloud and the emergence of 5G, MNOs and telcos will require a future-proof, cloud-based solution in general that will leverage the increased bandwidth and faster speeds offered by 5G.

Multi-Platform Video Services in a Seamless Pre-Integrated Workflow

We provide cost-effective content aggregation, processing, linear channel playout, linear content management and content distribution solutions for multi-screen and multi-device viewing. This applies to linear TV channels, on-demand content and using the latest viewing formats and encryption standards. Our pre-integrated solution streamlines the process of taking content online to reach more viewers, offering a seamless workflow and providing a flawless viewer experience.

Satisfy audience demands and use targeted advertising based on viewer preferences by utilising the monetisation opportunities within analytics. We help you launch OTT services combined with linear video content delivery.

Leveraging our satellite fleet with over 70 orbital positions, we also offer a robust hybrid distribution network, that includes fibre and IP, to deliver content everywhere. All our services are under one roof, reducing the complexity of multi-screen delivery and facilitating OPEX-based business models. We invest in the right technology and infrastructure, so your transition into a new business model is quick and efficient.

Simplify the process further and gain full transparency into workflows via our cloud-based SES 360 Unified Media Platform. SES 360 is a single platform for managing, enriching and delivering a high-quality viewing experience on any screen or device. All operational necessities from content aggregation and channel management to optimised content distribution via satellite, fibre and IP can be orchestrated, managed and monitored efficiently via SES 360.

New monetisation tools can also be added, such as targeted advertising, based on audience data and analytics, providing important information for advertisers, brands and agencies. With real-time service status reports, you are kept constantly updated on pending tasks.

What makes our offering unique


With over 30 years of experience in the video industry, we’re experts in aggregating, managing, contributing and distributing content – delivering it to multiple video platforms, including mobile.

Microsoft partnership

Via our partnership with Microsoft Azure, we are able to offer you a cloud-based solution, allowing for greater agility and flexibility with an OPEX-based model. Simplify the process further and gain full transparency into workflows via our cloud-based SES 360 Unified Media Platform.

Delivering worldwide

Delivering over 8,300 live/linear TV channels and on-demand content for telcos and MNOS worldwide, we provide you with the most cost-effective plug-and-play service for managing your video supply chain. We enhance the viewing experience with HD, Ultra HD/4H and HDR video.